How It Works – The Shop

The Shop

The Shop is where users can use Cryptocurrency Credits or actual cryptocurrency to purchase more chances to win Chests and Cards to increase their odds of winning the prize. Here are a few options for users in The Shop:

Power-up Cards

Users can exchange Cryptocurrency Credits for Cards in the hope of uncovering a Card they need to complete a Card Collection. But, users need to be aware that exchanging Cryptocurrency Credits for Cards will reduce the Cryptocurrency Credits in their accounts and may drop them to a lower Cryptocurrency Credits Power level. So, users need to be strategic about exchanging their Cryptocurrency Credits.

Duplicate Card Exchange

Because of the chance factor involved uncovering Cards, users will by default collect duplicate Cards that will not count toward completing the Card Collections. In The Shop they can exchange Cryptocurrency Credits along with the duplicate cards for a chance of uncovering Cards needed to complete the Card Collection.

Power-up or Exchange with Crypto

Users can also purchase CLM, our internal cryptocurrency, from the exchanges here and here, and use it to purchase Power-ups and Card exchanges. In these cases, any cryptocurrency deposited into the Satorify system can only be used in The Shop. Because Satorify does not provide custodial services, deposited cryptocurrency is immediately traded for Cryptocurrency Credits that can be spent in The Shop. This may include other products besides those mentioned above. Deposited cryptocurrency cannot be withdrawn from the Satorify system.