Introducing Quests has added another adventure to our gamification layer – Quests! And what would a quest be without an ultimate prize at the end?

The new feature on Satorify allows members to complete daily, weekly and monthly Quests to win the coveted Shapeshifter Card.

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Members who earn the Shapeshifter Card can trade it for ANY specific Card in the game, including one they are missing to complete their Card Collection. All it takes is a little work, but once you complete it, a prize is almost guaranteed!

Here are the tasks involved in each Quest:

Daily Quest TasksCLM
Card Reward
Complete all daily quests205
Complete 3 review video jobs01
Share a job on social networks after completed01
Open 2 chest50
Claim 3 active time rewards50
Claim 1 rank reward50
View product1
Weekly Quest TasksCLM RewardCard Reward
Complete all weekly quests20012
Claim the reward for completing all Daily quests 5 times03
Send a Youtube talent on review for a team job03
Refer a friend03
Purchase an Power-Up at the Shop03
Complete 25 jobs03
TitleCLM RewardCard Reward
Complete all monthly quests2001 Shapeshifter
Claim the reward for completing all Daily quests 30 times03
Use 3 card exchange power-ups03
Refer 5 friends03
Complete 210 jobs03

Quests are your easiest way to win an almost assured prize. Start working toward your Shapeshifter Card today!