How it Works – Card Collections

Card Collections

At the core of the new gamification system on are the Card Collections. To win a prize, Users of the site have to collect 12 different cards that make up that prize’s Card Collection.

Let’s take a look at how this works:

When a campaign to win a prize is set up and added to the system, twelve (12) Cards are generated and randomly assigned a percentage (%) chance of being uncovered. This means that each Prize Card Collection contains a few Cards that are more difficult to uncover. To win a prize, members compete to uncover and collect all twelve (12) cards generated for each Prize’s Card Collection before another user does it first. The first user to discover and collect a full set of 12 Cards wins the prize.

Each card created at the beginning of the campaign  can be one of 4 levels of chance. For example, they may be set this way: 

  • Level 1 Cards – 70%, 
  • Level 2 Cards – 26%
  • Level 3 Cards – 3% 
  • Level 4 Cards – 1%

If there are three (3) prizes available, there are a total of 36 cards, spread across 4 chance levels. All the cards in an assigned chance level have the same chance to be selected after the level is decided. 

Let’s assume that we have 18 cards in Level 1, 8 cards in Level 2, 6 cards in Level 3 and 4 cards in Level 4. Below is an example of how the system selects the card credited to you:

First, based on the chance %, we determine the level from which a card should be awarded. This is a random selection and is all based on the chance %, i.e Level 1

Second, we select a random card from all the cards assigned to that level, i.e Level 1 has 18 cards (from all collections), and we randomly select one to award.

Here are some ways users can earn Cards in the system:

  • Chests – For every Chest that a user opens, there is the possibility of winning a Card that will be automatically added to the Card Collection
  • Performing Tasks – Some tasks on the Satorify website will award Card(s) in addition to regular Cryptocurrency Credits
  • Special gifts – From time to time special gifts of Cards are offered just for fun
  • Power-ups – In The Shop, a user will be able to buy a single Card using Cryptocurrency Credits or with real cryptocurrency deposited into for use only in The Shop. 
  • Card Exchange – users can spend Cryptocurrency Credits in The Shop to exchange duplicate Cards for a chance to acquire a new Card they still need to complete their Card Collection.

Wild Cards

A User can only win a prize if Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation has been submitted and accepted. Users who have not completed KYC requirements are still able to use Satorify, complete tasks, earn Cryptocurrency Credits, play the games and earn cards for the Card Collections. However, in this case, any cards earned toward the Card Collections will be labeled Wild Cards. Once a User has verified KYC documentation on file, all earned Wild Cards can be converted to Collection Cards and applied toward the prize Card Collection.

We hope you are enjoying the new gamification system. If you have any other questions about Card Collections, you can visit the FAQ page. You can also join the Satorify Telegram channel here.

13th August, 2020 / Category - News