How It Works – Chests


Chests are your chance to win Cards or Cryptocurrency Credits just by opening them. Each Chest randomly awards either Cryptocurrency Credits or prize collection cards based on a formula set by Satorify. For example, each Chest that is opened may have a 30% chance to award Cryptocurrency Credits and a 70% chance to award a collection Card. This formula is for example only and actual formulas may change over time. Formula changes will be at the discretion of

Currently there are five (5) types of Chests on – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Epic and Legendary. Silver Chests contain lower value awards. Legendary Chests contain the highest value awards. By default, a certain number of Chests are available to users every day. However, users can increase the number or types of Chests they receive by leveling up (moving to higher levels) or through other actions on the site.  Here are the ways Chests are awarded:

  • Collecting Cryptocurrency Credits – the principal way to earn Chests is by collecting  Cryptocurrency Credits. The more Cryptocurrency Credits a user collects in their account, the higher level they will achieve and the more number and value of Chests will be eligible to open. 
  • Active Time Awards – Users can earn Chest chances by remaining active on the site. The longer a user stays on the site, actively participating in tasks or other actions, the number and value of the Chests increases.
  • Referral Milestones – In addition to earning Cryptocurrency Credits for referring new users to, users can participate in Referral Milestones (see below) and earn Chest chances. The more referrals a user sends to  the site, the higher the number and the higher value of the Chests they will receive.