How Satorify Helps During, And After, Covid-19

For most of us, quarantine is new way of living. Not going in to work, barely leaving the house, and having limited access to friends and family has been a hard adjustment. is proud to continue offering consistent, day-to-day work for our members–all from the safety of their own home. But Satorify is offering more than a boost to your income. Here is how to take advantage during the lockdown:

1). New Skills
People are using quarantine as a time to sharpen their skills or learn entirely new ones. It is the perfect opportunity to improve yourself. Satorify teaches its users how to become social marketers and promoters. As we grow, we will offer more in-depth training and opportunities. And we’ll continue to pay you to complete them! Take advantage of the extra time you have now to finish all our Training Gigs!

2). Life After Quarantine
Covid-19 is changing the way we live and work and it is going to have a lasting impact. Working from home will become much more common and social media will be even more powerful and essential for people to stay connected. Satorify’s members will benefit from these lifestyle shifts. It will provide them more opportunities to work and increase the impact of each of our members. Do you want to be ahead of the curve? Make sure you’re caught up on Satorify!

3). Is Satorify The Right Fit For You Or Someone You Know?
How else do our members benefit from quarantine? Well, it is the perfect time to determine if Satorify is the right platform for them. We understand that we won’t be right for everyone, but with the security of daily gigs, engaging content, built-in trainings (with more to come!), the safety of working from home, the flexibility of working whenever you want, and payment in a stable token, we don’t see many members leave Satorify. What do you think? Does Satorify work for you or do you know anyone who could use a little stability in their life?

Life during Covid-19 has been an extremely difficult adjustment for the world. Satorify is proud to continue to offer consistency, self-development, and income for our members. Our opportunities are especially achievable during quarantine and we hope you can take advantage.

Satorify and our members are going to come out stronger and more prepared for the world after Covid-19. We hope you join us!

Stay safe,
The Satorify Team

14th April, 2020 / Category - News