CLM is now BEP-20! Swap Happening Now!

The big day is here! CLM is now BEP-20!  This means all ERC-20 CLM will need to be swapped before they are burned.  Here is what you need to know and do: You have until Dec 1, 2021 to swap your old ERC-20 CLM tokens. All CLM on exchange will be auto swapped. You […]

NEW FEATURE – Referral Tournaments

Referral Tournaments have launched and each Satorify user has been automatically registered and placed in a referral tournament group! The top 10 winners in each group will win prizes, including CLM and Bitcoin. It’s easy to win. Just refer new users to Satorify and earn tournament points. Members can multiply point totals by leveling up […]

Introducing Quests has added another adventure to our gamification layer – Quests! And what would a quest be without an ultimate prize at the end? The new feature on Satorify allows members to complete daily, weekly and monthly Quests to win the coveted Shapeshifter Card. Members who earn the Shapeshifter Card can trade it for ANY […]

Congratulations to Satorify’s First Winner

Congratulations to Phong from Vietnam. He was the first winner at the new Phong received his new Redmi 9 Smart Phone about a week after collecting his winning card. Thanks to Satorify’s Vietnam team on the ground, we were able to deliver Phong’s phone quickly and securely. More winner’s are coming in fast. We […]

Depositing CLM in Satorify

   How to Deposit CLM in Satorify If users want to Power-up or buy Shop items, but don’t want to risk dropping out of their current rank, they now have the option to deposit CLM into their Satorify account to use. Users can access the deposit page from the Account menu. You can also deposit […]

How It Works – Teams

Teams In addition to performing tasks and earning or winning Cryptocurrency Credits and Cards as an individual, the user has the option to form or join a Team. Any registered user of can create or join a Team. If a user invites a new prospective user to join as a member of their […]

How It Works – Active Time Awards

Active Time Awards All users of Satorify qualify for awards based on the amount of time they spend on the site. Like Chests, the awards are based on the Cryptocurrency Credits level of the user and the amount of active time. The longer the user stays active on the site, the more rewards they receive […]

How It Works – Chests

Chests Chests are your chance to win Cards or Cryptocurrency Credits just by opening them. Each Chest randomly awards either Cryptocurrency Credits or prize collection cards based on a formula set by Satorify. For example, each Chest that is opened may have a 30% chance to award Cryptocurrency Credits and a 70% chance to award […]

How It Works – CLM Power

CLM Power Satorify users perform tasks on the website and earn cryptocurrency credits that can be redeemed for real cryptocurrency and exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD on one of our partner exchanges. Users also have the option to collect the cryptocurrency credits to move up to higher levels of the gaming system. Higher […]

How It Works – The Shop

The Shop The Shop is where users can use Cryptocurrency Credits or actual cryptocurrency to purchase more chances to win Chests and Cards to increase their odds of winning the prize. Here are a few options for users in The Shop: Power-up Cards Users can exchange Cryptocurrency Credits for Cards in the hope of uncovering […]